X is a new limited edition photography book by Charles Moriarty. Capturing the last decade of his work photographing men.

"Throughout this poetic narrative we catch a glimpse of Charles’s world and journey. From candid to intentional, this book is as much about the people featured as it is a reflection of the artist’s life and struggles." Chromatica magazine

"Intrinsically human and all-around grounding, X celebrates the interconnectivity and beauty in the various walks of life portrayed by Moriarty. The book is a reminder of the multi-faceted aspects of the male physique and spirit — extending from intense and powerful to graceful and delicate, as well as all the spaces in between" Provokr 

This litho printed coffee table book is 208 pages, with over 60 subjects, it contains an afterword by photographer Charles Moriarty, and an essay by author Gary Needham. The prints in this section are excerpts from the book.